Re: Re[2]: Who's the author?

Subject: Re: Re[2]: Who's the author?
From: Laura Johnson <lauraj -at- CND -dot- HP -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 22:43:15 GMT

PUTMV -at- mail -dot- syntron -dot- com wrote:
: Correctamundo, exactly Marguerite, however if you are not the
: perceived author when comes time to evaluate your performance, you do
: not get the credit in your pocket. It may be better for the author to
: refer calls to the help desk and keep the credit. Right?

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: Subject: Re: Who's the author?
: Author: Marguerite Krupp <mkrupp -at- WORLD -dot- STD -dot- COM> at INTERNET_MAIL
: Date: 2/13/95 8:15 AM

: Regarding when you remove the author's name from a revision:

: I don't like including the author's name in the first place, although it's
: the practice in some companies. If users have a real name in a company,
: they're likely to call that person instead of talking to a (perceived)
: impersonal help desk. Not that I don't take pride in my work, but by thte
: time the calls come in, I'm on another project, and I'd have to forward
: the calls to the help desk anyway. If companies want to reward my
: authoring skills, I'd sooner they do it with money, not a by-line.

: If a document DOES include the author's name, I'd pull the credit line at
: the first major revision. At that point, it's no longer the original
: author's work, and the original author should not have to take
: responsibility (credit or blame) for the changes.

: Marguerite

Laura Johnson
lauraj -at- fc -dot- hp -dot- com
Hewlett Packard NSMD
Ft. Collins, CO

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