Question: Online display engines for IBM ThinkPad (PCs)?

Subject: Question: Online display engines for IBM ThinkPad (PCs)?
From: Steven Jong <JONG -at- CREDTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:27:44 -0500

[I suspect this didn't go through the first time...]

My company is thinking of including third-party documents with a laptop-based
product, so that users will have access to the information as they travel.
There is relatively limited disk space for storage, and quick access is needed.
We would like to add these documents quickly and cheaply, as a service to our
clients, but the documents needn't be too fancy.

What choices are there for online display engines on the IBM ThinkPad?
I know there exists an IBM product, but I know nothing about it (and it's not
even running on my laptop right now because of development builds!).
I know I could use the Microsoft Windows Help engine or the Microsoft
Multimedia Viewer engine. Does anyone know more about the IBM software, and
are there other choices available?

I would appreciate any information you can provide; I'll bet others would, too!
Thanks in advance --

-- Steve
Steven Jong, Documentation Specialist ("Typo? What tpyo?")
Lightbridge, Inc, 281 Winter St., Waltham, MA 02154 USA
<jong -at- athena -dot- credtech -dot- com>, 617.672.4902 [voice], 617.890.2681 [FAX]

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