Re: Cross-platform fonts

Subject: Re: Cross-platform fonts
From: Robert Plamondon <robert -at- PLAMONDON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 08:41:16 PST

>If you're really picky about appearances, then you'll need to stick not only
>with fonts of the same name, but fonts from the same foundry. Something I
>discovered not too long ago was that Times from Adobe (Type 1) had entirely
>different kerning and leading characteristics that Times from either Apple or
>Microsoft (both True Type in this case). In the case of Times, the differences
>were significant enough to be unusable even if you're not picky (it turned a
>one-page brochure into a two-page disaster).

You can help this process along by intentionally choosing a font that is
only available from one foundry. That way, there will be no subtle font
substitutions, such as the Times-for-Times substitutions discussed above.

I am a great fan of Adobe Sabon, which can be used anywhere one might use
Times-Roman. It's only available from Adobe, is a much more attractive,
old-style font than Times-Roman, and was designed to work well on laser
printers as well as photo-typesetters.

I did a test of a number of fonts (a Caslon, a Garamond, Goudy OldStyle,
Times-Roman, and Sabon -- all from Adobe). I printed out test pages on
phototypesetters and laser printers. Sabon was INFINITELY better on
laser printer output -- it looked great at 300 dpi, while the others,
including Times-Roman, looked very shabby by comparison. All of them
looked great on phototypesetter output, of course.

-- Robert

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