Re: Stefan Olson

Subject: Re: Stefan Olson
From: John Gear <catalyst -at- PACIFIER -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 16:03:00 PST

>I don't stop the junk mail from coming to my house because I get something
>of interest or value to me every once in a while that I didn't solicit. I
>feel the same way about this list. I can delete what I don't want to read.

I *do* stop junk mail and telemarketing to the maximum extent possible ---
and now it pursues me onto the net, for which I *pay* to have access. Nice
trick to know which of these junk messages to delete without reading, since
the books now out on marketing using the internet are advising them to
conceal their intent. Which is predictable; Gresham's Law applies: the
crap drives out the good.

Given that the majority of the folks on this list who expressed opinions
seemed to feel that advertising was ok "for a good cause," it's going to be
*real* difficult to draw any sort of line. I'm sure Mr. Olson thinks his
post is appropriate--after all, it's close to the topic and selling his
wares is likely to seem a good cause to him. As we are so often told,
advertisers are doing us all a favor! And he may be a member of one of the
favored groups.

The ethical solution seems to be for those wishing to market their wares,
whatever their affiliations, to get a web page and leave those of us who
don't wish to be treated as mass market consumption units ("Let's see, I can
shove my message into 1,000 hands, willing or not, with just a flick of a
send key.") alone.

In the interim, if people would at least have the basic integrity to mark
their posts that would help a great deal. Then people who like junk mail
can *find* it and people who don't can avoid it.

Condition: First item in subject header should be:
^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
If you're selling something [ADV]

If you're trying to "give" people
useful information about products
and services that would really
make their lives better and easier [ADV]

If you're responding to a question
on the list with information about
a product or service in which you
have *no personal interest* at all
(financial, corporate, etc.) Re: (Their question)

If you're responding to a question
on the list with information about
a product or service in which you
have a personal interest Use e-mail; if you post to the list, use

If you want to post a request for
information about jobs in Sheboygan RFI: USA-WI-Sheboygan: Tech.
Writing Jobs?

If you have a job announcement for
two openings in Sheboygan USA-WI-Sheboygan: Tech. Writing
Jobs (2)

If you're telling a joke [Humor]

If you're posting a meeting
announcement, schedule change,
agenda change or cancellation,
or anything else about a meeting
in Butte USA-Mont.-Butte: STC Meeting/Orgy After

If you're sending a note of thanks
for help you've been given use e-mail instead; if not, use
snail mail

If you're asking for people to You're wasting all our time but if
you insist
complete a survey then try [Survey]
John Gear (catalyst -at- pacifier -dot- com)
Catalyst Consulting Services
"Helping You Get Results, Guaranteed"
Vancouver, WA; (360) 260-0066 voice/fax

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