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Subject: Re: [Humor] Translations
From: Vincent Reh <VincentR -at- SC -dot- HARRIS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 14:52:00 EST

Actually, I think it was around 1971. I remember posters attached to the
sign poles in front of the gas stations that showed the tiger ("Put a Tiger
in Your Tank!") carrying the new Exxon sign up the pole. You are correct,
it seemed that Esso did business under a different name in every state: I
recall Sohio, Standard, and maybe Imperial.

Incidentally, it's still Esso in Canada and they still use the tiger.

Other companies did the same thing. Atlantic went to ARCO, but for some
reason changed back recently.

Vince Reh
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Marc responded:

Had to be 30-35 years ago.
At 10:35 PM 2/25/95 -0500, SuePStewrt -at- AOL -dot- COM wrote:
>>>Question: Why did Esso change to Exxon?<<

>As I recall, the company was doing business in the U.S. under five or six
>names, with different names in different states. Exxon was the name chosen
>to unify the corporate image.

>This is the story I remember, but I was, after all, *very young* ;^).

>suepstewrt -at- aol -dot- com



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