Re: Capitalizing "proper" nouns

Subject: Re: Capitalizing "proper" nouns
From: Robert Plamondon <robert -at- PLAMONDON -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 1995 07:23:54 PDT

My general rule for capitalization is, "If you can get away with not
capitalizing it, don't capitalize it." My previous method was slavish
adherence to a subset of the Chicago Manual of Style rules, but it was
so hard to be consistent, and I was wasting so much time on capitalization,
that I decided that a more simple-minded rule was in order. Once I
instituted the simple-minded rule, things got much more consistent, and
there was one less thing to worry about.

Thus, I don't capitalize much of anything unless a gun is put to my
head. To me, an "assembly area," is a generic, and is lower-cased.
So is a "floating-point unit," and even "Weitek advanced technology,"
unless the other guys in Marketing* make a federal case out of it.

-- Robert

* I can't very well not capitalize a department when used as a proper
noun, but I lowercase it when opportunity allows, such as "the marketing
department," which is a generic description, not a proper noun.

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"Writing is like plumbing -- even people who know how to do it will
pay top dollar to keep their hands clean."

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