Re: Macs vs PCs

Subject: Re: Macs vs PCs
From: Vincent Reh <VincentR -at- SC -dot- HARRIS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 08:33:00 EDT

I don't understand why using a Mac vs. a PC should be a problem. I use both
platforms on a regular basis, and as long as the PC is running Windows, they
are both easy to learn and use---they are very similar functionally. Anyone
using one should be able to get up to speed pretty quickly on the other.
Same goes for GEM, the Atari icon-based operating system.

The only Mac vs. PC problem I experience is when I use my PC for graphics
and layout. I've found that my PC applications, e.g. Quark, just don't run
as well as the same Mac applications. I know that when I bring PC files to
service bureaus, everyone has better luck when the files are converted to
Mac as opposed to working with the files in Windows. Too many gremlins and
bugs, enough to drive anyone nuts, especially when you're under the gun for
a hot deadline. Many service bureaus have tried PCs, but have abandoned
them in favor of doing Mac conversions.

Bottom line....if you can learn and use one platform, it's no big deal to
get up to speed with the other. Which one works better has probably been
beaten to death without a clear answer.

Hope this doesn't reopen a rotten can of worms!

Vince Reh

Sr. Marketing Writer

vincentr -at- sc -dot- harris -dot- com

In response to:

On Tue, 11 Apr 1995, Tracie Speer wrote:

> I'm interested in learning what type of computers technical writers use on
> a regular basis. My background is primarily Mac based and I'm wondering
> I should develop my PC skills prior to graduation.

In answer to all your questions I can only provide a broad stroke: The
learning involved in PC-based work is "a *lot*." You can decide to *be* a
Mac-based tech writer, then look for work that fits, rather than trying
to be fully versed in both platforms. On the other hand, I would *guess*
that, because there are many many more PC programs on the market than Mac
ones, that it would be easier finding work in the PC world. Nevertheless,
if you specialize in Mac, you will eventually find the work that fits -- and
will be happier specializing in something you already have a head start on!

Suzanne Townsend <ac158 -at- cfn -dot- cs -dot- dal -dot- ca>
"I'm just going to keep my heart crossed."
-- Roncaism of the Week --

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