Re: Reading the Manuals

Subject: Re: Reading the Manuals
From: "PICKETT-HARNER, Molly" <MOP1 -at- NIORDS1 -dot- EM -dot- CDC -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 10:20:00 EST

Please re-read my post: you'll see that I said I "OF COURSE, read/study"
FrameMaker, etc.,

I certainly [repeatedly!] read & study software manuals & on-line help.
Hardware manuals -- no. I repeat, reading the latter is, for the most
part, not necessary to efficiently, expertly (!) operate a MAC.

Read _Being Digital_ Negroponte (bk is at home so cannot cite pages but
will tomorrow if you wish) says there is no justification for complicated
(unamicable? since we're not to use you-know-what any longer...) hardware
designs (e.g., VCRs, computers, etc.).

Molly Pickett-Harner
mop1 -at- niords1 -dot- em -dot- cdc -dot- gov
harner -at- access -dot- mountain -dot- net
75142 -dot- 3264 -at- compuserve -dot- com

[I said]
I have never needed to read any of my MAC manuals
>(FrameMaker, Interleaf, etc., manuals, of course, read/study)

[you answered:]
For example, I have yet to find ANYONE besides me who has ever even
noticed Microsoft Word's "Style Sheet" feature.

They usually don't pay enough attention to realize that the small
cadre of skilled users can write, format, and illustrate ten pages
to their one (and I do NOT exaggerate), with results that are infinitely
more professional, maintainable, and transportable.

But, in any event, I'm always struck by the dissonance of a technical
writer who is proud of not reading manuals.

-- Robert

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