Re: Jumping to Conclusions

Subject: Re: Jumping to Conclusions
From: Guy Oliver <guy -at- DEV -dot- TIVOLI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 07:46:45 CDT

From Kelly Burhenne:

> Text item: Text_1

> Sue Stewart wrote (in reply to Guy's question about what can you do
> better after 15):
> > I wouldn't be carrying on this discussion on the Internet.

> To which Guy replied:
> > I'm new to this bulletin board (I've been subscribing for about one
> > week), but if you mean that this subject seems inappropriate, ...

> I believe Sue was referring to the fact that the Internet wasn't in
> widespread use until about 5-7 years ago (that's why she wouldn't be
> carrying this discussion on the Internet). She did not say (or imply)
> that your subject was inappropriate! Obviously, e-mail lacks the
> facial expressions and voice inflection that normally clue us in to
> what a person is trying to say. Therefore, it is important that we
> not jump to conclusions too quickly!

> -Kelly Burhenne
> burhennk -at- liebert -dot- com
> Columbus, OH

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

I have received numerous private messages suggesting that I
misunderstood Sue's comment. I have also privately apologized to Sue
for the misunderstanding. My only defense is that I honestly believed
I was being scolded for an inappropriate posting.

Sue is obviously, a seasoned writer, and I truly appreciated her
comments, as well as those of other contributors to this thread.

I now shed my sackcloth, and wash the ashes from my head (so to


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