HUMOR: Please Excuse US!

Subject: HUMOR: Please Excuse US!
From: "William J. Hartzer" <William -dot- Hartzer -at- EMC2-TAO -dot- FISC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 10:32:00 EST

Hi all,

The following was passed to me a while back. I think it was included in a
packet sent to us by STC, but I'm not sure. Apparently, the order we placed a
while back was really late, and this was their excuse they included. Perhaps
some of us might include this in our docs. when sending them out? In any
case, it's really funny!

Please Excuse Us For Being Late!!!

There was this huge explosion in our semi-colon factory. All the local
suppliers were out of stock so we had to send to the Far East for
replacements. The first batch of replacements had the tails on the
semi-colons going in the wro ng direction. You can just imagine how
distracting this was. At this point w e debated leaving the semi-colons out
entirely since most people use them inco rrectly anyway. We finally wound up
hand-lettering each semi-colon. Therefo re some of the semi-colons are not
exactly the same as some of the others but it is the best we could do.*

*Actually, we don't have a good excuse-we are just late.

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