Re: Journalist Baiting

Subject: Re: Journalist Baiting
From: gina jerome <gina -at- ROARK -dot- ITG -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 11:32:57 -0500

And here's my personal post to Dan. Time to put out the torch.

Gina Maria Jerome
gina -at- roark -dot- itg -dot- ti -dot- com

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From gina Mon Apr 24 08:53:11 1995
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From: gina jerome <gina>
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Subject: Re: Journalist Baiting
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Dan -

Nice to know you have thick skin! :-) The more familiar I become
with newsgroups, the more I realize that elephant skin is a great

You know, I've no idea why I got as upset as I did over your message.
It was quite odd behavior on my part, even though it did stir up some
interesting commentary from the group. :-) I suppose I was stressed from
a lousy week at work and was being a tad sensitive. My apologies for
over reacting the way I did. I'm usually much calmer and more level-
headed. Perhaps I should do myself a favor and rent a copy of "The
Lion King," and chill out for a while! :-)

Your goals are highly admirable, and I say that with deep sincerity.
As writers and professionals who often work in isolation, it's important
to support one another in our endeavors. Though it sounds ironic
to say so, at this moment anyway, that's usually a motto I uphold.
I wish you the best and I look forward to reading your great novels
in the near future.

Gina Maria Jerome
gina -at- roark -dot- itg -dot- ti -dot- com

P.S. Great going on the baiting. I certainly got hooked! :-)

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