Subject: OJ TRIAL
From: Phil Hellerman <philh -at- CENTRAL -dot- SHARED -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 10:40:41 CDT

My interest in the OJ trial has caused me to think about its applicability to
technical writing and technical writers. It seems to me someone in LA needs to
talk to the LAPD about the usefulness of technical writers and current

The defense claims police procedures were not followed. It seems to me that
what the LAPD needs is to issue their detectives diskmans that have CD-ROMS with
all itemized procedures that they need to follow during their investigation.
This would allow the detective to be prompted for each step that is required
and avoid the possibility that the detective might forget an important step.

Yesterday, the forensic expert was on the stand and was quizzed by the defense
about the procedure manual someone was working on. (Wow! I never thought any
procedure manual would become a critical element in a murder trial.)
Unfortunately, the expert said the book was never completed since the
individualwho was working on it went on to become a manager. (laugh)

The above is another opporunity for technical writers that someone in LA should
seize. I know the LAPD does not have the money (at least the expert claims) to
hire someone to complete the book. But it would seem to have taken the wind
out of the sails for this trial if the book had been completed and put on
some sort of electronic media for everyone to follow.

Actually, the above could be invoked at any police organization in the
country so that police officials and forensic experts can do their jobs better
and not get bogged down in whether or not procedures were followed. The computer
would have done that work for them.


philh -at- shared -dot- com
philip j hellerman

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