Re: Re[2]: "Technical Writer" en Espanol and English

Subject: Re: Re[2]: "Technical Writer" en Espanol and English
From: Karen Davis PSP team 03 505 <karene -at- ASIMOV -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 13:57:03 CDT

Rosie says:

> I have announced my career as a
>"technical writer" many times and gotten blank and puzzled looks. So many
>times in fact, that I've started adding a hasty explanation right after
>announcing it, "I write computer manuals." Although I know not all tech
>writers write computer manuals, I do, and this seems the easiest route to

I find I get the most mileage out of telling people that I write
"How to ..." books for engineers and programmers. Although I get a few
blank looks, most get the general drift. Then again, this is easier
to explain than when I was the training director for Photon. I was
on a jury panel, and during the voir dire, the judge asked me what
Photon is. "Uh, well, it's an amusement center," I reply. "What kind
of amusement center?" he asks. "Well, people put on helmets and carry
phasers and shoot each other with light beams in a room that resembles
a space ship while a computer keeps score", I reply. Now everyone in
the court room is staring at me and giggling. They actually put me on
the jury, anyway. Sigh. I loved that job, but boy, did I hate
describing it to anyone!

Karen T. Davis
karene -at- asimov -dot- sc -dot- ti -dot- com

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