Re: Greetings and Hallucinations, all!

Subject: Re: Greetings and Hallucinations, all!
From: Matt Ion <mion -at- DIRECT -dot- CA>
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 01:40:16 EDT

Hi Marta! Nice to get a reply so soon after joining...

On Wed, 17 May 1995 22:06:40 -0400 you wrote:

>If you're using Word, AutoCorrect should already be set correct "teh" to
>"the" as soon as you hit the spacebar, that is, unless you've turned
>autocorrect off.

Actually, I use QEdit as my main editor for almost anything. When I need an
all-out word processor, I'll fire up DeScribe 5.0, which DOES have
multilingual spelling and grammar checkers, and I *think* does on-the-fly
autocorrect (haven't dug seeply enough into yet to be sure though).

>I use autocorrect to automatically fix a whole slew of
>*very* common typos I know I make on a regular basis (eg: "filed" to
>"field", which the spell-checker *won't* catch, etc.). I never worry about
>them any more. Gives the spell-checker less to catch, too!

Hmm, but what does it do for a sentence like, say, "When she worked in the
secretarial field, she filed a lot of documents," or "The farmer filed his
nails out in the field."? =)

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