Re: What are we in French?

Subject: Re: What are we in French?
From: Louis Rondeau <LOUIS -at- FS-LAGANG -dot- LACITEC -dot- ON -dot- CA>
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 11:44:24 EST

Hello Vincent et al,

Technical Writer in French is : "redacteur technique" (acute accent
on the first "r" in "redacteur"). The feminine form is
officially "redactrice", but more and more, feminine titles are
written with an "e" added on to the masculine form. Thus,
"redacteure" is sometimes used. The debate is still raging on whether
this is acceptable or not.

On the other hand, the word "ecrivain" (acute accent on the "e") is
only used for a writer of the "literary persuasion". ;-) BTW, the
feminine form is "ecrivaine"; but again, "ecrivain" is traditionnally
used for both male and female writers.

Interestingly, there is one instance where the term "ecrivain" is not
applied in the literary sense: in French, there is a profession known
as "ecrivain public" (literally "public writer"), i.e., someone who
writes documents, deeds, letters, etc., for persons who do not know
how to write.

Anyway, just thought I'd clear that up. Sorry about my English; I
don't write it as much as I used to.

---------Vincent's original reply-----------------

> I think it's spelled ecrivain and its the same spelling for both male and
> female writers. However, I think redacteur is used to describe a technical
> writer; ecrivain is used to describe writers of novels, that sort of thing.

> Also, someone questioned whether or not a feminine form exists for
> redacteur. As far as I know, it does, so a female TW would describe herself
> as "une redactrice."

> ****Finally, sorry for posting a personal reply to Marc S. to the list. I
> wasn't thinking and hit the reply button. It was in French, which made the
> gaffe even more embarrassing!****

> BTW, I am not a French language expert, just married to one. How about
> hearing from some real experts, like all the francophone TWs in La Belle
> Province?

> Vince Reh
> Sr. Marketing Writer

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