Re: Frame Manuals

Subject: Re: Frame Manuals
From: Pat Madea <madea -at- MMSI -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 12:56:18 MST

I'm a newbie to Frame and I agree with Dr. Richard Mateosian's
assessment of the Frame 4 manual that it is pretty good (in
comparison to other manuals). I've also bought and relied on
_The Frame Handbook_ by Linda Branagan & Michael Sierra. It has
been helpful, also, in learning FM.

However, one problem I've discovered is in indexing in both books.
In fact, in trying to resolve a problem using the FM Manual and
then using _The Frame Handbook_, I discovered that _The Frame
Handbook_ uses different words and examples, but follows the FM
Manual pretty closely in layout and structure and indexing. And
that's a problem because the "hole" in the FM Manual happened to
be duplicated in _The Frame Handbook_.

The specific problem I was trying to resolve in Frame was how to
allow more spacing to occur between words, after commas, colons,
periods, and semi-colons in some documents I had inherited to
edit. I knew there had to be a switch somewhere that allowed more or
limited spacing between words. Searching the indicies of the FM
Manual and _The Frame Handbook_ proved fruitless as did the online
help. I ended up calling tech support to get the answer, which
was very simple. But, the call would have been unnecessary if the
FM Manual had been better indexed and _The Frame Handbook_
hadn't duplicated the error.

The FM Manual and _The Frame Handbook_ are good manuals and I rely
on them and would recommend them. They could be better, but then,
what couldn't?

There's my nickel....

madea // madea -at- mmsi -dot- com

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