Shoddy Publications

Subject: Shoddy Publications
From: Carma C Allen <ccallen -at- CCGATE -dot- DP -dot- BECKMAN -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 10:59:59 -0800

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On the subject of shoddy printing/paper, I agree completely with both=
and Hal about the manual reflecting on the quality of the company's p=
However, it's not always easy to convince management (the people that=
the budget) that this is the case. They are usually willing to pay fo=
r top=20
quality in advertising materials, but don't consider the user documen=
tation to=20
be all that important. So I disagree with Hal's p.s.:

>P.S. When you read of experiences like this, don't you feel betrayed=
one of your comrads (it's different than an engineer screwing up; we =
how to do it right)?

because the person (or group) producing the manual were probably as m=
at the quality as you were outraged. (No, we haven't had to resort to=
quite that bad, but with continual budget cuts, who knows?)

Anyway, the only way to combat the slipping of end user documenta=
quality is to complain loud and long to the company. Don't just refus=
e to buy=20
their products because the manuals are inferior=C4TELL THEM that's wh=
y you are no=20
longer spending your money with them. Most companies these days respo=
nd to=20
NOTHING but loss of profits, so the only way to ensure good manuals i=
s to make=20
the bean counters aware that it's costing the company money.

Okay, I'll step down from my soap box now.

These opionions do not reflect my company in any way=C4=C4in fact=
, my company=20
is unaware that I even have opinions.

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