WWW survey (long)

Subject: WWW survey (long)
From: Paul Cassidy <pcassidy -at- LYNX -dot- DAC -dot- NEU -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 15:07:20 -0500

Hello folks,

I am doing a survey of World Wide Web users for a case study in a technical
writing class. I am examining the Web as an effective channel of
communication. If you have the time, please answer the questions on this
survey, and e-mail the responses to me at pcassidy -at- lynx -dot- dac -dot- neu -dot- edu -dot-

Questions with multiple response have options in [brackets]. Please select
all that apply. For "other" choices, please specify a response.

I know this isn't the easiest format to use. I have tried this survey on a
few volunteers. The volunteers said deleting the unwanted answers was the
easiest way to answer the survey.


1. How long have you been using personal computers (in years)?
[0 to 1] [1 to 5] [more than 5]

2. What is your primary use for a personal computers?
[business] [education] [entertainment]


3. In your own words, please describe the Internet:

4. In your own words, please describe the World Wide Web:

5. In your primary use of computers, how do you use the Internet?
[e-mail] [telnet] [gopher] [ftp]
[news] [WWW] other:_________

6. In your primary use of computers, how do you use the WWW?
[surfing] [entertainment] [information retrieval]
[gateway to other sources] [education] other:____________

7. What kind of information forms do you use on the Web?
[graphics] [text] [movies] [audio]

8. What is your primary browser?
[Graphical] [Non-graphical]

9. What is the name of your primary browser?

10. In your own words, what is hypertext?

11. How do you sort and save all the information you find on the Web?
[Add to Hotlist] [Print it]
[Save to a text file] [Save to an HTML file]

12. Where do you usually start your Web session?
[My home page] [University or College Home Page]
[Business Home Page] [Browser Home Page]
[Other Home Page] [No home Page]

13. What makes a well designed Web page?
[good graphics] [interesting to read]
[well organized and clear writing]
[easy to download] [reliable hyperlinks]
[relevant to my needs] other:__________

14. Do you have a Home Page?
[Yes] [No]

15. Are there any limitations placed on your home page by your Web provider?
[Yes] [No] [Not Applicable]

16. If there are limitations on your home page, what are they?

17. How did you create your Home page?
[HTML editor] [Text editor] [Add on to word processor]

For the following statements, please select one response:

Agree [A], Disagree [D], Not Applicable [N/A]
18. The Web is successful because it makes the Internet available to all users.
[A] [D] [N/A]

19. The Web is difficult to use because it is not organized.
[A] [D] [N/A]

20. The Web provides detailed, factual information most of the time.
[A] [D] [N/A]

21. I can easily find resources I need on the Web.
[A] [D] [N/A]

22. The Web is interactive.
[A] [D] [N/A]

23. Following hyperlinks makes sense to me.
[A] [D] [N/A]

24. In the future, the Web will replace my TV and VCR.
[A] [D] [N/A]

25. In the future, the Web will offer on-line shopping centers.
[A] [D] [N/A]

26. What improvements would you like to see on the Web?

27. What improvements would you like to see on your Web site?

28. Have you ever purchased anything as a direct result of your Web activity?
[Yes] [No]

29. If you have purchased something through the Web, what was it?

30. What are your three favorite Web sites? Why is it a favorite?


Thanks for taking the time to respond to this survey. Do you want me to
share my final results with you?
[Yes] [No]


e-mail: pcassidy -at- lynx -dot- dac -dot- neu -dot- edu

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