Re: Screenshot annotations?

Subject: Re: Screenshot annotations?
From: Michael Krigsman <mkrigsman -at- CPUB -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 23:00:43 -0500

When you export the image back out of the draw program, are you saving it as
a bitmap or as a draw file? Assuming you are saving it out as a .TIFF or
some other bitmap format, are the colors dithered in the exported file?

Try an experiment: export the file from the draw package as .TIFF. Then
bring the image into something like PhotoShop or PhotoStyler. Do the colors
look dithered? If not, you're OK, don't worry about how they look on screen
in the draw program. If the colors are dithered, can you reduce the colors
with a function that does not dither? If you have access to a Mac, a program
called DeBabelizer is great for that type of conversion.

This is obvious, but I assume the screen colors set for your monitor are
non-dithered at the time you captured the images. In Windows, for example,
the default color settings are dithered.

Good luck!

At 03:38 PM 5/23/95 -0400, Glenda Jeffrey wrote:
>I've been trying to find a graphics program that is useful
>for doing annotations of screen captures. So far, I've
>tried IslandDraw and CorelDraw, but they both seem to have
>the same problem: they dither the colors of the screen

>That is, the original colors of the screen capture end
>up "speckled" when I import the file into the drawing program.

>I've tried IslandPaint also -- it does not dither the colors,
>which is great; however, it is a painting program, not a
>drawing program, and as such does not have the basic tools
>that you would need to draw the annotations (generally straight
>lines with arrow heads) and insert the text callouts.

>Does anybody have any suggestions? (It would be nice if
>the software ran on Unix...)

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