finding out-of-print books

Subject: finding out-of-print books
From: Kathy Moore <kkm -at- IRIS132 -dot- BIOSYM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 17:31:45 -0700

In COPYEDITING-L Digest 899, Guy Priel (wugap -at- ttacs -dot- ttu -dot- edu) regretted
that the book *Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge* is out of print, and asked
for help locating a copy.

For those of you desperate to find a specific book/edition, try biblio, a
mailing list devoted to book collectors and book dealers. You could send a
request to that list, and ask the dealers to respond to you privately. Or
you could subscribe.

Good luck to all book lovers and book hunters.



SIGN UP: Send email to biblio-request -at- smartdocs -dot- com -dot- Leave the subject
line blank. In the body of the letter put Subscribe.

TO LEAVE THE LIST: Send email to biblio-request -at- smartdocs -dot- com -dot- Leave
the subject line blank. In the body of the letter put Unsubscribe.

TO POST TO THE LIST; Please note that this applies to digest subscribers as
well as to members of the open list. If digest subscribers send their post
to the Claremont address, members of the open list will NOT receive the
post. Send your message to biblio -at- smartdocs -dot- com -dot- Your message will be
posted to all the subscribers, both on the open list and the digest version.
You will receive a copy of your letter.

DIGEST VERSION: At the time of this writing the digest form of this list is
only available through Biblio-request -at- iris -dot- claremont -dot- edu -dot- Subscribers will
be notified when and if the digest form also moves to

DONATIONS: The Bibliophyle Mailing List is available free of charge to
anyone who wishes to subscribe. However, maintenance of the list takes time
and the list itself uses considerable bandwidth. Therefore, donations are
greatly appreciated. Suggested amount is $15-$20 per year. If you wish to
contribute to the upkeep of the list, please send your check to SmartDOCS,
31265 North Blue Sky Way, Castaic, CA 91384.


The Biblio List was started in late 1994 by Michael Medlin at the Claremont
Colleges. The Iris.Claremont.Edu server graciously offered its services in
posting the list, and Mr. Medlin was the person who maintained it. We owe
him a debt of gratitude and offer our thanks.

By early 1995 it was apparent that the Iris.Claremont server could no longer
handle the bandwidth. The list membership had grown to over 550, and with
an average of 15 to 20 letters per day, the volume was enormous. Therefore,
in February of 1995 the maintenance of the list was taken over by Joe
McDonald of in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California.

The Bibliophyle Mailing List serves collectors and dealers of antiquarian,
scarce, and out-of-print books. Participants are encourage to post lists of
books for sale as well as announcements of catalogues of same.
Additionally, subscribers post want lists. The mailing list also serves as
a means for notification of seminars, book fairs, major book sales, etc.

An additional function of the list is to provide a forum for discussion of
topics of specific interest to book collectors/dealers such as pricing
guidelines, maintenance of inventory/libraries, identification of first
editions and/or rare editions, accurate description of book condition, etc.


It has been and will continue to the policy of the Bibliophyle Mailing List
not to impose a lengthy or arbitrary set of rules on the participants.
Members are adults and professionals, and it is assumed all will use good
judgment, good sense, and common courtesy. However, the following
guidelines are suggested:

1. Flames and personal attacks are forbidden. Any problems, feuds,
vendettas, etc. between or amongst list participants must be taken to
private email. Additionally, members are requested not to forward private
email to the public list without the permission of the sender. Violators
will be unsubscribed. Conversely, if you like the way a dealer treated you
public praise is encouraged.

2. Participants are asked to refrain from posting clearly private
messages to the entire list. From time to time mistakes will happen;
however by paying attention to the "TO" line on your email, participants can
avoid this mistake easily. This means checking the "CC" line also. Repeat
violators will be contacted privately and may be asked to leave if the
problem is not corrected.

3. Postings should have as clear and descriptive a subject line as
possible. "For Sale" postings should begin the subject line with the
notation "F/S" followed by a brief description; i.e.: F/S: "Mary's lamb
first". "Want Lists" should begin WTB; i.e. WTB: "Mary's Lamb first."

4. Very long lists (over 30K) are discouraged, as are multiple posts of
single items. Members are urged to post announcements regarding the
availability of long lists so that members can request the list.

This FAQ is a work in progress. If any members would like to add to it,
make recommendations, or changes, please send email to Shoshana Edwards at
bree -at- smartdocs -dot- com
Shoshana Edwards Bree -at- Smartdocs -dot- com 818-766-5156
Books From Bree Out-of-Print Natural History and Science Books
Kathy Kearney Moore kkm -at- biosym -dot- com
Technical Writer Phone: 619-458-9990
Biosym Technologies Fax: 619-458-0136

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