Re: What Hardware? (Was: ...dtp software for windoze)

Subject: Re: What Hardware? (Was: ...dtp software for windoze)
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 15:52:40 -0700

>>Now personally, I've had good experiences with ATi video cards. If you're
>>going to a 17" monitor, I'd suggest at least a Mach32-based card (Mach32 is
>>ATi's 32-bit video chipset) with 2MB or more of memory, preferably VRAM
>>(faster video RAM) as opposed to DRAM. This should allow you to run up to
>>1024x768 at 65k colours, or 800x600 at up to 16.7million colours. Cost
>>shouldn't run any more than $300 or so, and is well worth it. If you really
>>want to get nuts about it, #9 makes a 192-bit video card with 8MB VRAM (direct
>>192-bit connection between the video coprocessor and the VRAM) that will give
>>you up to 1600x1200x16.7m at 80Hz refresh :)
I'd second that. :) Also try with all your might and get the drivvers for as
many of the applications as you can, that are for the particular video card.
This also takes some of the load off of the CPU as it "renders" more in the
Video ram. Try Autodesk 3D Studio with the A/D drivers and then without.
Or ask around and find someone who has. Makes ahuge difference.

>>Also, get a montitor and card with variable refresh rates, as high as you can
>>afford. Faster refresh means less flicker and will save you a PILE of
This can't be over-stressed. There are a few tips/tricks to doing graphics
work Take breaks EVERY two hours whether you think you need 'em or not!
"Listen" to your body. It'll tell you inn the "between" times, if IT needs
YOU to take a break. You actually get a lot more accomplished by "listening
to your body". Some "intense" work takes breaks of 2-5mins. every hour.
Saves you the headaches and eye strain though.



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