Re: job offer & pay bargaining

Subject: Re: job offer & pay bargaining
From: Max Penfold {acsg} <m -dot- g -dot- penfold -at- STIR -dot- AC -dot- UK>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 11:58:00 BST

Ask yourself:
1. What is the cost of living in your proposed area and can I afford to live
on the salary offered.
2. It is unlikely the agency will wash their hands of you, after all they
market you and make money when you accept a job.
3. There are plenty of agencies
4. Not all writers are equal and salaries vary with specialization, currentl
computer specialists earn more than engineers.

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>Subject: job offer & pay bargaining
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>Subject: job offer & pay bargaining
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>I was wondering if some of you experienced job negotiators would give me
>your thoughts on a job offer I have just received.
>I am not yet experienced in job
>negotiation so I need to check what is reasonable.

>I don't think the pay is enough. Apart from just saying 'no' to the job,
>what should I do?
>Is there a limit to how much more than the offer it is worth asking for?

>(UK tech writers: At what point in your career would you expect
>to be paid #15,500?
>The 'package' is a salary of #15,500 + such things as #2,000 one off
>for relocation (would that be taxable?); bonuses for work
>(amounts not specified); life assurance and medical insurance after 6
>(neither of which I are priorities for me); pension scheme after 1 year
>most companies let you join straight away?); and an annual
>weekend break with the company; performance and pay reviews after first 6
>months and then annually. I am not sure how many days
>holiday you get, as I am waiting to see the details in writing.)

>They say that the 'package' is worth more then #17 but I'd rather have
>the money (and the holidays).

>If I turn down the job, will the agency wash their hands of me?

>OK, I know I sound like a wimp, but it is better to confront my wimpish
>thoughts now so that I know what I am up against.

>Thank you

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