Re: Where does exit door from Tech Writing lead?

Subject: Re: Where does exit door from Tech Writing lead?
From: Gwen Barnes <gwen -dot- barnes -at- MUSTANG -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 20:13:43 GMT

-> >>The question is: how do I put my talent and experience as a communi
-> >>work in some other way that pays as well as what I am currently doi
-> >
-> If what you are now doing pays well, why do you want to change?

Actually, there's more to a job, and a career, than making lots of
money, and if that was truly my goal in life I'd be doing it instead
of hanging out with people I actually like, doing what I enjoy.

I'd easily take a little less pay in exchange for a more relaxed work
atmosphere, if I felt my current position was subjecting me to
outrageous amounts of stress and personal indignity and no hope of
truly proportionate compensation was in sight. Fortunately none of the
following are true in my current position:

They couldn't pay me enough to come to work in a dress and high heels
every day. I didn't get this job through a modelling agency.

I will not do something that is patently dishonest. I've walked off jobs
in the past because the boss demanded that I tell an outright lie to a
customer to get his money. I'd do it again, too.

If I come home after a 100-hour work week and the only way I can find to
unwind is at the bottom of a bottle, the job sucks no matter how well it

I am an honest person with nothing to hide. I will not, however, submit
to piss-testing to satisfy some MBA (Management By Acronym) fetish for
documenting my occasional consumption of poppy-seed bagels or
decongestant. I liked my colleague's disclaimer: "I have consumed
nothing illegal that would warrant this indignity. If your test shows a
false positive result and I lose my job, I will sue."

I am not interested in social climbing. If the only way to cut a deal
is to join the boss's country club, count me out.

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