Re: Company Wide Change from WP to Word

Subject: Re: Company Wide Change from WP to Word
From: Matt Ion <mion -at- DIRECT -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 13:14:46 PDT

On Wed, 12 Jul 1995 10:27:46 CST you wrote:

>An Appeal to Large Document Writers:

Uh-oh, first bad sign. Just how "large" are we talking? Remembering that
this topic has come around before - right tools for the job and all. Neither
of these packages is DTP software; both are glorified text editors.

>Our company President has directed that all WordPerfect x.x documents be
>converted to Word 6.0c!!! We have been told NOT to argue the decision.

Your company president has large amount of cash burning a hole in his pocket?
Does he realize that merely converting documents is the least part of the job
- that converting and retraining his employees will be the major hurdle?

>1. What are we facing?

Hell. :-)

As much some poeple (myself included) may dislike WordPerfect, at least it's
more stable and bug-free (in my experience anyway) than Word, and FAR less

>2. Do you have any advice on graphic conversions? We have a lot of linked
> graphics in our WP files.

Word should be able to handle pretty much any file type you throw at it. I've
never done such a conversion myself, so I don't know just how painless it'll
be, but I wouldn't expect any major problems in this area.

>4. Would WIN95 Word 7.0 help? Beta copies are available now, but would Word
> 6.0c use its files?

Knowing Microsoft, not likely.

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