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Subject: Re: cliches
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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 08:23:00 PDT


Folks from other cultures who have studied English may interpret "on the
fly" as on the zippered frontal area of a gentleman's trousers.
This is the problem with using non-standard English in TW; we may have a
large multicultural audience in the USA as well as internationally.

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Subject: Re: cliches
Date: Monday, July 17, 1995 10:58AM

So, what do you say instead of "on the fly?" Maybe it's a cliche, but does
do it's job? Does the reader understand what you mean?

Just asking.

Roy Jacobsen
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Tammy Hale wrote:
As an editor, I've come across incredibly annoying
cliches. I can't use them in my seminar because the writers of those cliches
will be in the audience. One of the worst ones was "When you're creating a
popmenu *on the fly..*" Yuck!

Anybody else cursed with a visually literal imagination? I immediately got

mental image of someone positioning a mouse cursor over the tail end of a
dipteran. One firm press of the button yields a 5-item command menu. Angry
buzzing in the background.

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