Re: modems

Subject: Re: modems
From: Tommy Trussell <twt -at- CEI -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 15:59:44 -0500

>unless your PC has a 16550 UART
>(Universal Asyncronous Receiver/Transmitter, which is a buffer for data
>flow) on the COM port your modem uses, an external modem is not necessarily
>the best solution. (I have no clue about Macs).

Many PCs can be easily upgraded to a better UART, often with a simple,
inexpensive chip replacement. Check with your favorite PC repair shop for
details. At worst, to use an external modem you would have to add a
high-speed serial board. Depending upon your usage, this might even be a
better option.

Macs have always had a faster serial port than most PCs, though they use a
different type of serial port. If you're using a really old Mac, such as
an SE or Plus, the COMPUTER won't be fast enough to take advantage of a
28.8kbps modem, though the serial port itself will hum along just fine.

When you buy a modem for a Mac, be sure you get the proper cable AND the
correct initialization strings and/or switch settings for a Macintosh. The
same external modem can usually be used on a Mac or a PC (as long as the
PC's UART can handle the speed).

--Tommy Trussell

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