************ Recap of Exiting Tech writing ************

Subject: ************ Recap of Exiting Tech writing ************
From: "Richard J. collins" <writejob -at- DNAI -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 11:09:22 -0800

I received a number of interesting replys to my post concerning how to
exit technical writing. Some of the suggestions are:

* Become a project manager
* Get involved in STC activities
* Become a lobbyist at the state level
* Go into knowledge engineering
* Go into GUI design ($125 to $200 per hour -- wow!)
* Perform volunteer work (no pay but great personal rewards)
* Go into public relations

All the correspondents who offered suggestions gave cogent arguments and
it was gratifying to think so many people would take the time to offer
such well thought out suggestions.

As it turns out, I am starting a new job later this week compiling
catalogs for an electronic supply house in Sunnyvale. I am very
enthusiastic about the assignment because it takes advantage of all my
skills and interests. Plus moving into catalog work is going to expand my
client base dramatically. It also seems to me that building catalogs is
going to receive better support from management (than say writing manuals)
because accurate catalogs are so important to sales. An added bonus --
catalogs and directories tend to rapidly go out of date.

There is even the possibility of working into WWW publishing, since a lot
of product information is going to get published electronically. This is
the trend, as far as I can see.

So, I want to say thanks once again for all the helpful suggestions. If
anyone is interested in more specifics I can contact the original
respondents and ask them if I can share their replies with you.

Rich Collins

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