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Subject: Re: Technical Illustrations
From: Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- FRAME -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 09:50:46 CDT

At 19:36 7/22/95 -0400, you wrote:

>Let me throw out a question (of which I know the answer).

>Can you name me one technical illustration or =93drawing=94 software prog=
>ram that
>can import (or Open) an IGES or DXF file, edit and enhance it then export=
> (or
>Save) the file in the MIF (native FrameMaker image) format? Thus creating=
> a
>complex technical illustration that can be edited while in a FrameMaker
>layout using the FrameMaker drawing tools?

I have an ad for what sounds like a great application, which is a German
product. I don't know if it imports IGES or DXF. The literature is at home
and all I copied is the following address:

ISODraw (software name)

developed by:

ITEDO Software GbmH
Markt 21
D-53721 Siegburg

++49-0-41-68841 phone
++49-0-22-41-67955 fax

Their literature says they export to .MIF for files that are editable in
Frame. If you receive some information about this product, I would like to
know further about it. Thanks in advance :-)

>One more question (of which I DON=92T know the answer).
>Is there a method to prevent the =93Headers=94 information from appearing=
> on the

I hope you find the answer...your messages are somewhat may be
that you're using bold, italics or apostrophes that are not being
interpreted correctly. For this reason, you'll notice that some messages use
*asterisks* or _underlines_ for emphasis. Are you sending from a UNIX
system, writing under vi editor or something? When I was using such a
system, I couldn't use apostrophes in messages.

I don't know the answer, but maybe you could post more information about the
system and mail utilities you are using. We need more info.


Betsy Maaks

The opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

Betsy Maaks + Frame Technology Corp.
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