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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Sunday's Dilbert
From: Nora Merhar <MERHAR -at- ALENA -dot- BITNET>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 14:16:30 CDT

> Would someone post the gist of the cartoon for those of us who
> haven't see it?

> Virginia
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Sure. In the first panel, Alice, the intrepid technical writer, is working at
her desk when an engineer comes up and says "I had a few suggestions on your
document, Alice."

Panel 2: She says "Thanks", grabs him by the tie, and BONKs him against
her computer.

Panel 3: The boss comes up to her desk, and says "I've made some upgrades to
your document, Alice."

Panel 4: She says "That's just what it needed: a bunch of obtuse
acronyms and jargon.

Panel 5: Alice says "Oooh, looky! You've also made elegant multi-topic sentences
out of my stubby clear ones!

Panel 6: The boss says "Thank you. And put me down as the author since I'm the

Panel 7: Alice says "Maybe I should distribute little plastic statues of you
with every copy. How about that?"

Panel 8: Alice is giving the document to Dilbert, along with a little plastic
statue. She says "here's your copy, here's your statue. Don't ask."

Dilbert says "Our quality is low, but at least we don't get credit."

The above was quote directly from the Dilbert printed 7/23/95. Scott Adams,

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