Re: Hideous grammar

Subject: Re: Hideous grammar
From: nancy ott <ott -at- ANSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 15:38:50 EDT

> I'm seeing more and more hideous grammar popping up these days,

[examples deleted]

Unfortunately, using an " 's " as a plural is endemic. I've just
about given up pointing it out to the parties involved. ("But it
looked right to me!" was the usual response.) It hit a new low when I
saw it used in conjunction with several misspelled dirty words on a
bathroom wall at my youngest brother's high school. (I'll pass on
reprinting the exact text, which was pretty offensive.) Now, people
who write this kind of graffiti in bathrooms tend to be semi-literate
at best. But the author should have at least used the correct
spellings of the anatomical parts to which she was referring! 8-)

Hideous thought: is this passing into common usage? I know the
grammarians among us cringe at some of the recent alterations to
common English usage (e.g., using "they" as the gender-neutral
alternative to "he" or "she"). I can live with things like that, but
the " 's " plural really raises my hackles (or is it "hackle's").

- nancy

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