Re: log onto / log into

Subject: Re: log onto / log into
From: Bill Burns <WBURNS -at- VAX -dot- MICRON -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 09:50:13 MDT

Kevin states,, asks:

>Which is correct:

>Log onto the system....

>Log on to the system....

If you can use the particle (in this case, "on" as an adverb) with the verb
alone, it's part of the the verb rather than a preposition relating a verb
to an object.

Since "log on" can be used intransitively as an imperative statement, we can
safely assume that "on" is actually part of the verb phrase.


Sit down at the terminal and log on.

Here's what AHD (online ed.) says about the use of "on" versus "onto":

In constructions where "on" is an adverb attached to a verb, it should
not be joined with "to" to form the single word "onto": "move on to
(not onto) new subjects"; "hold on to (not onto) our gains."

Logging off,

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