Student Tech Writer being edited to death...Fact of life?

Subject: Student Tech Writer being edited to death...Fact of life?
From: Raymond Chenier <rchenier -at- WRITER -dot- SYNAPSE -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 21:15:12 GMT

My name is Raymond Chinier, I am a student of the Technical
Writer course in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have completed
the first semester of the program, my background is in
electronics. I am having some difficulty with a writing
endeavor I took on for the summer (I am off of school until
this Sept.), and since I love this newsgroup and have found
in the past that venting concerns is good medicine, I have
decided to, well, vent...

This endeavor involves writing for an organization in its
developmental stages. I am doing brochures and a booklet. I
am near completion on the Charter by-law document.

Here is where the fun starts, and I guess if this is common
practice, then I accept to look at the whole thing as a
learning experience. The originator of this new organization,
and developer of a new concept for a Co-operative, has very
little command of the english language. I am lucky to have as
an editor a University professor with past editing
experience. This originator person does not really recognize
some of his material after it has been written in semi-proper
form and he is constantly second guessing and editing things
that ultimately get changed to my editor's tastes.

I can feel a frustration building whereby I guess I would
like my editor to say: "Well let's just tell the originator
to butt out." But this originator IS the one who understands
the material better than anyone - he just can't express it in

My main problem is I don't know how to express myself
politely and tell this person what I feel about his constant
pestering. It has become personal, I work at home. Is there
not a recipe for harmonious relations, or is this what could
be termed: "welcome to the real world!" I am a member of the
STC and it must be very important to learn how to deal with
situations that may sometimes seem difficult.

Thank you, hope this makes sense, R.C.

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