Re: Setting up unconventional publication in Pagemaker 4.0 HELP

Subject: Re: Setting up unconventional publication in Pagemaker 4.0 HELP
From: "Michael M. Roche" <m-roche -at- NWU -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 14:24:20 GMT

In article <3v988f$1ma -at- sentinel -dot- synapse -dot- net>, rchenier -at- writer -dot- synapse -dot- net wrote:

> I want to set up a publication (small booklet) using 8.5 x 11 landscape
folded in
> half. I can't find instructions in my manual pertaining to what I need.
I would
> like to take advantage of auto page numbering and text flow, TOC and index
> generation

> I have been asked to do it in this format: the sheets are folded in half
and the
> halves have two columns. The folded sheets would then fit into each
other and be
> stapled in the crease. I am looking at having chapters, a TOC, an index,

In reading your specs, this sounds like more than a "booklet." Sounds more
like a "Book." If the "book" has more than 36 pages or so, You better
consult with your printer for issues such as inside margins, creep and
trim size restrictions before you get started. However, if it's truly a
"booklet" size publications try this. (By the way this is all in your
manual, you just have to read through it all to know where to look).

Try setting up a new single-sided pub with a page size of 5.5 x 8.5, 2
columns, 0.5" margins all around, with auto page numbering and running
headers & footers etc set up on the master page. Design / Layout / Compose
your document using as many pages as you need, adding as you go if
necessary. Build your Table of Contents and Index using Styles, (oh please
tell me you use styles), and when the document is done, add blank pages
where appropriate (by turning off "Display Master Items"), (or drawing a
box with no line weight and a fill of paper over things you don't want to
print) but make sure the total number of pages can be divided by four, i.e
16, 20, 24 etc. SAVE YOUR FILE...OFTEN. No really.

Then choose "BUILD BOOKLET" from the additions menu. when prompted specify
2-up saddle-stitch under layout, and check preserve page numbers. The
"Addition" will then ask you if you want to save your file again before it
opens a COPY of your existing file and proceeds to "Build a booklet."
Print your new pub. The pages will be "imposed" for you, i.e. 1 and 24, 2
and 23 etc. Check all of your master page information carefully for page
numbers etc. If everything checks out, photocopy doublesided to get a good
idea what your final product will look like. IMPORTANT: If you have to
make any last minute changes to the text in the document, it may be easier
to make those changes in your original pub and build a new booklet, then
to waste time trying to find the specific text you need to edit in the
"imposed" book file. Just a thought: name the new book file something
similar, but indicate book in the document name somehow when saving the
"book file." EXPERIMENT! Sometimes this takes a little tinkering with to
get it just right. Good Luck!!!

"Taste is the enemy of creativity." Pablo Picasso
m-roche -at- nwu -dot- edu (Michael M. Roche)

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