Student Tech Writer looking for Web related 6th semester writing project.

Subject: Student Tech Writer looking for Web related 6th semester writing project.
From: Raymond Chenier <rchenier -at- WRITER -dot- SYNAPSE -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 03:26:41 GMT

I'm in the 5th semester and must prepare for a 6th semester writing project.
the trend, according to my coordinator, seems to be geared toward getting a
from industry; I have an instructor who is pushing the merits of Internet and
knowledge as a tool for being valuable in the job market. I spent 700 hours
over the summer, publishing Webpages and trying to get a feel for the
credibility of
this great (in my opinion) resource that is the Internet.
This instructor thought that a student with a project geared to learning HTML
be OK, but because of the experience and exposure I already have, he thought I
profit more by looking for some theoretical applications to study and write
about. I
guess the actual topic would have to contain a lot of merit to get by my
I've printed a biblio. of material on subjects related to the hypertext issues,
stucture of Web documents and the relationships between documents, etc. Maybe if
can get a feel for some of the theories being investigated, I could find a
comfortable and challenging niche to pursue.
I've always gotten great responses from this newsgroup and wondered if anyone
have some feedback and ideas.
Thanks, Raymond Chenier

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