Call for Entries

Subject: Call for Entries
From: Chuck Banks <chuck -at- ASL -dot- DL -dot- NEC -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 15:28:03 CDT

Society for Technical Communication

Lone Star Chapter

You are Invited to Enter
STC Lone Star Chapter s

1995-96 World Wide Web Page Competition

General Information

This year the Internet Professional Interest
Committee (IPIC) of the Lone Star Chapter of
the Society for Technical Communication is
inaugurating and sponsoring a competition to
recognize excellence in World Wide Web page
design. This event will be conducted
separately from the three other competitions
sponsored by the Lone Star Chapter in
Technical Publications, Technical Art and
Video, and Online Communication.

A panel of judges will evaluate entries on
their effectiveness, appropriateness, and
professionalism in the context of each entry s
purpose and content. Winning entries will be
recognized at an Awards Banquet January 11,
1996. Because this is a locally sponsored
competition, winners will not have another
level of competition, such as STC s
International Competitions. However, the IPIC
and the Lone Star Chapter hope that this
competition will become a separate STC
competition or a new category in STC s Online
Communication Competition in 1996-97.

Who s Eligible

If you are a technical communicator or a
student of technical communication, you are
eligible to submit entries. You do not have to
be a member of STC or a member of the Lone Star

What to Enter

All entries must contain technical,
scientific, medical, or similar content in
sufficient quantity to justify their
consideration. Multilingual entries are
acceptable, but one of the languages must be
English. All entries will be judged in

All entries must have been created using HTML
1.0 or 2.0. Entries must have been produced
after September 1, 1994. Entries must have
been originally prepared for and accepted for
Internet publication by a client, employer, or
publisher. (Student entries and personal home
pages are exempted from this requirement.)


World Wide Web Page Competition:

Friday, October 27, 1995

How to Enter

An entry form and instructions are included in
this packet. Make additional copies of the
forms, as needed.

Entry Fees

Fees are based on a flat rate of $25 per
contributor for STC members and $35 per
contributor for non-members. For example: if
an entry has one member contributor, the entry
fee is $25; if it has one member and one non-
member contributor, $60; and if an entry has
two member contributors and one non-member,
$85. The submitter s membership status does
not affect the entry fee. Student entries are
$20 per entry. (This means $20 for one, two,
or three contributors.) Enclose a check to
cover the full amount of the entry fees, made
payable to STC Lone Star Chapter. Checks must
be payable in US Dollars on a US bank.


The World Wide Web Page Competition has five
entry categories:

o Customer Support -- Web pages that
interactively help customers solve problems
using features such as complaint forms, FAQs,
trouble resolution, service procedures, and
auto-downloading of software patches.

o Marketing -- Web pages that promote
organizations, products, or services with
online brochures, flyers, and catalogs.

o Educational -- Web pages that teach
specific techniques, tasks, or objectives with
online training material.

o Informational/Reference -- Web pages
that provide noncommercial information and
reference material such as industry standards,
professional society proceedings, travel
guides, newspapers, and trade journals.

o Personal -- Web pages that highlight an
individual s interests or hobbies.


A panel of volunteer judges will select
winners in the categories listed. The judges
have the right to recategorize or reject any

Entries will be evaluated on content, response
time, organization/navigation, layout, and

Judging will occur between November 11 and
November 18, 1995. Entrants are asked to keep
the contents of their World Wide Web page
constant during this period so that all judges
will be able to evaluate the same material.
Judges will be encouraged to view entries with
an HTML 2.0-compliant Web Browser with
graphics or forms extensions so that enhanced
graphic elements can be evaluated.


Four levels of recognition may be awarded in
each category. (Judges may choose one, more
than one, or no awards at each level.) The
awards are:

o Distinguished Technical Communication (DTC)

o Excellence

o Merit

o Achievement

One Best of Show award will be presented for the
World Wide Web Page Competition. Plaques will
be awarded to DTC and Best of Show winners.
Certificates will be provided for other award

Winners at all levels will be eligible to
display an official Lone Star Chapter-Internet
PIC logo identifying the World Wide Web page
as a competition winner.


All entries will be acknowledged. Whether you
win an award or not, you will receive the
judges evaluation of your entry. Winners in
all Lone Star Chapter Competitions will be
recognized at an Awards Banquet in Dallas on
January 11, 1996.

Proprietary or Classified Information

Entries must be suitable for public display
and perusal. The submitter, not STC or the Lone
Star Chapter, must determine if any
proprietary information in the entry may be
revealed. The submitter, not STC or the Lone
Star Chapter, is responsible for ensuring that
the entry contains no classified information.


For more information about the STC Lone Star
Chapter s World Wide Web Page Competition,
contact the Competition Managers:

Manager Work Phone Home Phone E-mail address

Chuck Banks 214/518-5443 ------------ chuck -at- asl -dot- dl -dot- nec -dot- com
Dale Erickson ------------ 817/267-8765 rde -at- unicomp -dot- net

How to Enter

Completing the Entry Forms

o TYPE or print legibly all required
information on the entry form.

o Submit four (4) copies of the entry
form. Attach a check for the appropriate fee
to an original form. Keep a copy of your entry
forms for your records. Make additional copies
of the blank entry forms, as needed.

o Provide detailed information about
the purpose and audience of your entry. If you
would like to draw the judges attention to
some aspect of the entry or if, on the other
hand, you wish to disclaim responsibility for
a portion of the entry, you may do so in the
comments area. However, the judges are not
obligated to consider any of these comments in
their evaluation.

o The submitter must certify that the
entry is the work of the contributors named on
the entry form and that the entry has been
cleared for submission.

o Include the names of not more than
three persons. You can name a department or
group as one entrant, but at least one entrant
must be an individual. Entries without an
individual s name as a contributor will not be
accepted or returned.

o List names and entry title exactly
as they should appear on an award.

Where to Mail Entries

World Wide Web Page Competition entry forms
and payment must be received by Friday,
October 27, 1995. Mail or deliver entry forms

Dale Erickson
STC LSC WWW Page Competition
3813 Wimbleton Court
Bedford, TX 76021-2511
(H) 817/267-8765

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