Re: Scaling bitmaps

Subject: Re: Scaling bitmaps
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 17:05:51 -0800

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> First you need to increase the number of colors to millions. Then select
> command "Resample." This resizes the images. Finally, you want to reduce
> number of colors back down to either 16 or 256 (an image with millions of
> colors can be megabytes in size).
I have been through this before but hereit is again.. OK. I have been doing
scren captures for YEARS, almost a decade now.. I have always and still do
them in 640x480x256 mode. NO millions, as this is only new anywaze and
assumes that you have a video card with the correct kind of chip set on it.
Shame on you for mnaking an assumption. I believe THAT was teh idea behind
the recent classroom exercise threads... OK anywaze, back to the little
house on the prarie.. I simply grab the screen or child window (acitve
colour bar window) pull up the cheesy PaintBrush.. go to the edit menu and
select paste. Then, WITHOUT touching or editing the image, I go to the edit
menu AGAIN and select "Copy To". Then name the bitmap file. I can then
shrink it to my hearts content and it holds its image. Now this may sound
out dated and wierd, seeing as we can (as long as we have the right viddeo
card get MILLIONS of colours, but it is a waste of time, as it IS a
redundant process. How do you think these screens were grabbed up to the
last two years, when the emergence and drop in price of the video card have
allowed more common use of them. Sometimes, you don't need to go _more_
hightech to get what you need, just because you can. If you don't believe
me, I will email attach a help file screen taht i have dont in this manner.
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