Re[2]: What IS is with people from America On-Line?

Subject: Re[2]: What IS is with people from America On-Line?
From: ROBERT SIDMAN <sidmanr -at- MCHFMCCM -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 14:25:17 EST

In a message dated 95-09-11 10:54:25 EDT, titanide -at- MICRO -dot- ORG (Patrick
O'Connell) writes:

>AOLers (people connecting to Internet resources via America On-Line) have
>a bad reputation among more experienced Net users, and this guy is a
>REALLY good example of why. Not to lump in anyone non-clueless folks here
>from AOL! By no means -- I'm not saying all AOL Net users are clueless,
>just seems like the majority of them are. OK, "a great many" of them are.
>Enough that it's quite noticeable.

Kris <KJOlberg -at- AOL -dot- COM> added:
Why don't we just do some "ethnic" cleansing and get rid of all of the
AOL'ers right now? You're making some dangerous assumptions about the quality
of person who uses AOL.

<snip> <snip>
Ethnic cleansing is a little severe, but who would Patrick designate to be
next? Left-handers? Balding or bald people? Republicans? Democrats?

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