Re: bogus resume requirements

Subject: Re: bogus resume requirements
From: LJ Shoots <ljshoots -at- MITRE -dot- ORG>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 13:33:38 -0400

rjl -at- bostech -dot- com wrote:
> Fred Wersan said:

> >There is an ad in the back of the Sept. issue of INTERCOM (an STC
> >that asks candidates for a tech writing position to send a resume
> >including ...SAT scores (1400 or higher)

> Fourteen Hundred!!! Holy $#%^!!!!

> If memory serves, that's 200 points -higher- than the SAT score that MENSA
> requires for membership!!!

> They'd better watch out. People that smart are gonna figure out how to ask
> for reeeeelly big raises.

Getting a 1400 or higher combined score on the SAT puts you in the top 1 to
2% of people who take that test. For a company to say that they only hire
the top 2% "smartest" people, based on some test they took in high school,
is complete rubbish. I would never want to work for a place with such silly
screening practices.

And, yes, MENSA *only* requires a 1200 for membership.

LJ "1420" Shoots

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