Re[2+]: bogus resume stuff

Subject: Re[2+]: bogus resume stuff
From: Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- FRAME -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 13:32:57 CDT

At 17:22 9/13/95 PDT, you wrote:
><<Husqvarna chainsaw work here>>

>**My feeling is that I'd never want a client (or employer) who was obsessed
>such things. **

>Can I throw some calming water on this fire?



Thanks for trying to calm the fire, but...

>You can't
>just put up a sign that says "Idiots need not apply."

I'm sorry, but I think that this is exactly what the ad is saying.

Rebuttal Item #1: They only *seem* obsessed? What about the audience's
perception? Count the number of posts on this topic and ask the posters if
they want to apply there.

Rebuttal Item #2: How many on this listserver think they were hired because
they're *smarter* than their bosses? All raise your hands!

Rebuttal Item #3: Are you saying that a high test score means a person never
lies? Most employers directly call colleges for grades and degrees, previous
employers, etc., to verify this information.


High scores = never lie?
High scores = capable of writing and interviewing?
High scores = excellent tech writer?

What about:
High scores = knows how to take the test?

I'm a bit sarcastic here, but I would not care to respond to a want ad that
asked for my GPA as criteria for disqualifying unlikely candidates (because
in this case, the reader will disqualify him/herself). I'm not ashamed of my
GPA, and I give it voluntarily on job applications. The employer can always
find out from the university. But I don't care to work for a firm that puts
such priority on it. This smacks of elitism and I think this attitude gets
in the way of doing a great job, being good at what you do, and enjoying it!
No, thanks.

Betsy Maaks
[This is my opinion only ($.02), not my employer's.]

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