Re: Scaling bitmaps

Subject: Re: Scaling bitmaps
From: David Mitchell <mitchell -at- SOLAR -dot- SKY -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 07:03:03 +0000

Stuart Reynolds wrote:
> I have always and still do them in 640x480x256 mode. NO millions, as this is
> only new anywaze and assumes that you have a video card with the correct kind
> of chip set on it. Shame on you for mnaking an assumption.

Stuart, I usually work in 256 colors. Oftentimes in 16 colors. The
trick still works. Switching to more colors lets the bitmap editor
manipulate the images is in the higher color depth. If you aren't
running in that mode, it dithers the image so you have an approximation.

Most bitmap editors only give you a small subset of filters when
working in anything but true color. So with screen captures, which
definitely do not need true color (at least for most Win apps), you
capture in any color depth (even 16 color), run the bitmap editor (no
need to buy a new video card or restart windows), change the image to
24 bit, resize the image, convert back to the desired color depth
(even 16 color), and save the image.

This works fairly well if you don't have to make the image too much
smaller. It also works to make images larger. Woody Leonhard
documents this trick in his _Mother of all Windows Books_ in a
section where he shows you how to make wallpaper bigger (no more
unsightly borders on untiled images!)

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