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Subject: (fwd) Re: Re[2]: bogus re
From: Marilynne Smith <m -dot- smith182 -at- GENIE -dot- GEIS -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 18:07:00 UTC

>> Those scores effectively become make-it-or-break-it requirements.

I've worked at companies where almost all the people who worked there seemed
to be brighter than the average bear (Yogi) and yet the company didn't ask
for test scores when you applied. It would appear that there are ways other
than college entrance scores that you can use to find bright people.

Also, having worked with a large number of college graduates (grin), my
personal observation is that college scores in general have little to do
with a person's success on the job. What really counts is the information
they absorbed in college and their ability to apply that information to the
needs of the work place.

In the area of grades, I have observed that a person's grades may be lower
if they had to work full time while going to school. That's mostly a
situational thing. It doesn't tell me what store of information and what
tools that person brings to the work place. It does tell me that they were
willing to work very hard to achieve a goal.

m -dot- smith182 -at- genie -dot- geis -dot- com

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