Re: Project Management Skills and Tech Writing.

Subject: Re: Project Management Skills and Tech Writing.
From: Gwen Barnes <gwen -dot- barnes -at- MUSTANG -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 15:42:47 GMT

-> I'd like to add number an item:

-> 11. Make sure you know who is supposed to be in charge of the document
-> and what your role is.

It's also useful to know who's in charge of the project <g>

On that note, I had an interesting discussion with the boss about how
project management fits into a "creative anarchy" style of development.
We want to be able to keep the free exchange of ideas paramount because
that's really at the heart of our corporate culture, but we don't want
to get snowed under with flowcharts, intermediaries, rigid
specifications, paperwork and bureaucracy that seem to evolve from most
models of project management I've seen.

We both left that meeting with more questions than answers, which is a
good thing.

-> my biggest nightmare has been either cases in which the
-> person who was supposed to be in charge would not or could not manage
-> the project, or those in which I was given responsibility over the

We want to avoid that scenario at all costs. A small company with a
handful of people can "share the vision" and work towards a common goal.
As companies and projects get bigger, as ours are sure to do, projects
get more and more fragmented, and the person with the vision is not
always in direct contact with the people expected to carry it out, and
is not necessarily the one directly managing the project.

So ... I don't wanna see no GANTTs, or PERTs or critical paths or any of
that stuff, I had enough of that in college and my boss breaks out in a
rash whenever I bring it up. What's a good model of project management
that lets us have our fun and still keeps everyone working together to
get the product out on time?

Gwen gwen -dot- barnes -at- mustang -dot- com
MSI * Connecting the world 805-873-2500

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