Re: What software do you use for email

Subject: Re: What software do you use for email
From: "David S. Broudy" <broudy -at- BCF -dot- USC -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 1995 23:09:37 +0100

Jane Bergen <janeb -at- IADFW -dot- NET>:
>Pegasus is much more powerful than Eudora and is much prettier to
>look at. Better than that, it's FREEWARE, not shareware. As for
>support, it has it's own mailing list and the author, David Harris,
>often answers questions on this mailing list. Can't get much better
>than that.

Obviously Pegasus on the PC side is much better than the pathetic piece of
crap we Mac users have. I have to use Pmail to get departmental email off
our Novell server, but for 99.999% of my email needs, I use Eudora Pro.
Gawd, I sound like a commercial for Colgate toothpaste! :)

>I have an STC folder, a techwrit-l folder, etc. and you can set
>Pegasus to automatically filter the mail for you. It's absolutely

Eudora Pro does the same thing; the shareware version does not. I'm not
nuts about the interface either, but at least for Mac users, there's not
much choice for internet mail.

Speaking of the Frame/Pagemaker wars (and at the risk of blowing my
Mac-Geek credentials), is there a Mac version of Frame? I've never seen it
before. I just got PM6 yesterday and I'm quite pleased with it. So far.

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