Re: bandwidth

Subject: Re: bandwidth
From: "Nagai, Paul" <pnagai -at- VISA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 10:24:00 PDT


> It's also a matter of principle. On a list like this, what could possibly
> someone's motive for remaining anonymous? And what gives those spammers
> right to inundate me with unsolicited advertising? You'll say that I'm

I'm certainly not defending anyone's right or ability to SPAM, but if I
wanted to post a question asking how others on the list have handled a
particularly difficult manager, SME, or co-worker (I've seen all of these
posted during my time on techwrl) and I knew that these people read the list
I'd want to be able to post anonymous.

Job searches and asking for more information about posted jobs are a couple
of additional reasons why I'd like to have the capability to post

None are currently necessary (of course ;-{), but ... who knows what the
future holds?
Paul Nagai
Visa International
pnagai -at- visa -dot- com
415-432-3678 fax

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