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Subject: Re: breaking into tech writing
From: Cathy Quinones <quinones -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 17:22:32 GMT

In message <9509221439 -dot- AA26866 -at- solomon -dot- buckhead -dot- com> - Barclay Blanchard
<blanchab -at- solomon -dot- buckhead -dot- com> writes:
:>Here's a personal story in case it helps you in some way...
(stuff deleted)
:>... Now I work at a small company where I'm the only
:>writer, and I don't often ask for permission to undertake projects I'm
:>interested in (like creating a web page): I just do them.

This is great inspiration, let me tell you!! :)

It also reminded me of what one of my favorite tech writing teachers told us
about his start in the business. Back before he was teaching college he had
been working in a small company (I can't remember the details of the story)
and his job was kind of iffy (in the sense he was there, doing the
job well, but his position wasn't taken seriously), so he took it upon
himself to make himself indispensable. He started volunteering for this and
that so that he literally had his finger in every pie. When the company
started downsizing, his position *should* have been the first one to go, but
it wasn't eliminated because he was needed in so many other capacities. He
WAS running himself ragged doing the work of >>1 people but he thought it was
worth it (since the alternative at the time was unemployment). For all I
know this was a bit of fiction with a moral tucked in there to impress the
young, untested, untried undergraduates but it does seem to make a lot of


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