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Subject: Re: Re[2]: E-mail: How do
From: Mary Howe <howe -at- KUHUB -dot- CC -dot- UKANS -dot- EDU>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 11:40:21 -0500

I'm surprised Marilynne is the first person to mention being on this list
as one of the benefits of e-mail. I've had e-mail for about 4 years. I
am usually on 6 or 7 lists, some professional and some personal. The
professional ones allow me to keep up with the issues in my field(s) of
expertise that I'm not directly involved with. I don't have time to read
all the journals (nor do I wish to), so I can keep abreast of things at
least peripherally this way.

I've been on this list for less than two months and have already received
an enormous amount of valuable information. I don't even know how long
it would have taken me to get this much otherwise, or in what forum.

Whenever I hear about a list on a topic that seems interesting, I hop on
for a while. Sometimes I stay and sometimes not. Sometimes I do it for
professional reasons, sometimes personal. The parent lists I've been on
have been wonderful support groups. I've made friends over email through
some of these. I also keep in touch with several of my siblings and
many friends.

One of the things I'll deeply regret about changing jobs is
losing my internet access (free and unlimited).

Mary Howe

Child Language Program Phone (913) 864-4789
University of Kansas email howe -at- kuhub -dot- cc -dot- ukans -dot- edu
1082 Dole Center
Lawrence, KS 66045

On Sat, 23 Sep 1995, Marilynne Smith wrote:

> E-mail has enriched me professionally by enabling me to be on this list.
> I'm the only tech writer working at my company. I miss the company of my
> fellows. E-mail makes up the difference - more or less. <grin>

> Marilynne
> m -dot- smith182 -at- genie -dot- geis -dot- com

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