From: Cathy Quinones <quinones -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 03:41:06 GMT

In message <43vt20$mtj -at- newsie -dot- wis -dot- com> - Win'95 -at- videotraining -dot- com writes:
:>Receive the Best and Most Cost-Effective WINDOWS '95 Training Today
:> - Special offer below!
:>LP Learning Systems, specializing in WINDOWS video training, is proud to
:>a 3-part video series titled:
:> "Get the Most out of WINDOWS '95"
:>Learn from the experts - The Windows '95 "Get the Most" Video series,
:>the best Windows experts, teaches you all you need to know about WINDOWS '95.
:>They show you...
:> to use WINDOWS '95!


:>....the differences between WINDOWS 3.1 and WINDOWS '95!


:>, tricks and techniques which will make WINDOWS '95 the easiest
:>you've ever used!

Get out of here!! (extra points for the alliteration, though)

:>....and much, much more!

I don't know if I can take it! (minus point for repeating alliteration trick)

:>***Special Offer Below: SAVE MONEY!

I bet I could save even more...

:>This 3-part series walks you through all of the new and powerful features of
:>WINDOWS '95:

I don't wanna :P

Since this is a tech writing list.... is it only me or was this a
particularly bad example of advertising in ASCII??

It reminded me of what I sometime read about exclamation points: using them
is like beating the reader over the head with a baseball bat to get their
attention, i.e., use sparingly.

Medic! Medic! I think I am bleeding :)

It's either that or my eyebrows have crawled halfway down my back with so
much amazement.

Apologies for this post in advance, I took an antihistamine a while back and
I claim temporary brain damage (or maybe it WAS those exclamation points?).

Cathy Quinones Benadryl rules!! Whooo!
quinones -at- mindspring -dot- com = Bird Care Info

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