FrameViewer (was FM and hypertext tools)

Subject: FrameViewer (was FM and hypertext tools)
From: Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- FRAME -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 15:00:26 CDT

For those of you asking about the pricing for FrameViewer, here is the
"official" answer from the FrameViewer product manager:

>We are often asked about on how pricing was set for FrameViewer,
>especially in light of other viewing applications being priced lower,
>or even given away.

>There are two things to remember:
>- all other applications require you to post-process your files
> - and often that post-processing requires another product for which
> you pay a premium
> - the savings in time with FrameViewer and no post-processing often
> pays for itself
>- FrameViewer provides customers with an application development environment
> so that the information delivered online has a higher value
> (such as being able to read MIF/MML, manipulate the document with
> API clients, etc.)

>I hope this answers your questions.

>> >_________________________________original

>> >Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- frame -dot- com> wrote:
>> >
>> >>Better check whereof you speak, David. Single licenses for DOS retail at
>> >>$29. Check your local vendor.
>> >
>> >Hi Betsy -
>> >This is another David responding to the pricing. As Documentation
>> >Manager at Frye Computer Systems, I chose to standardize on Frame
>> >because it was the best layout program for the work we do.
>> >
>> >I must admit that I was disappointed in the pricing policy for your
>> >hypertext viewer. We intend to move into online document delivery,
>> >but the number of viewers we would need is not enough to get a
>> >meaningful price break.
>> >
>> >Why did Frame decide to put such a high price on the viewer? Wouldn't
>> >it have been enough to establish a useful solution to enhance the
>> >value of the core package?
>> >
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