Humor: Sometimes you get the bar...

Subject: Humor: Sometimes you get the bar...
From: Geoff Hart <geoff-h -at- MTL -dot- FERIC -dot- CA>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 08:23:19 LCL

...and sometimes the bar gets you! This thread on
announcing your membership in the techwhirling
community reminds me of an incident back when I
was a lab rat (translation: grad student) working
in the forests of northern Ontario, where men are
men but the blackflies, deerflies and mosquitos
could care less. Anyway, it turns out that
blackflies have an aversion to Avon's "Skin so
soft" bath oil, which we slathered on in great
quantities to preserve our sanity while working in
the field. Worked like a charm (though the
mosquitos and deerflies, which can bite through a
heavy sweater and raincoat without hardly slowing
to appreciate the taste, paid no mind). Well, at
least up until the last day of the trip...

Sweaty and eager to get home, we nonetheless chose
to stop at a local truck stop before hitting the
showers. Unfortunately, when we bellied up to the
bar, smelling like a bunch of wilted wildflowers,
we attracted so many raised eyebrows and ominous
looks from the manly residents that we had to
leave in a hurry lest things turn ugly. Sure wish
I'd announced that we were really tech. writer
wannabes! Someone try that and let me know if it
works. <grin>

--Geoff Hart @8^{)} <--writing from scenic Pointe-Claire
geoff-h -at- mtl -dot- feric -dot- ca where a nice, thick double-glazed
window keeps out most things that
might be tempted to bite through a
dress shirt, let alone an inch of
wool and rubber. (With homage to
the inimitable DD.)

Disclaimer: If I didn't commit it in print in one
of our reports, it don't represent FERIC's

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