Subject: Peopleware
From: Sherrill Fink <sfink -at- RELAY -dot- NSWC -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 07:25:24 EDT

I would like to heartily second Stuart Burnfield's recommendation of
Peopleware. He posted info about this book on Sep 20 and recommended
reading it if "you're interested in improving the physical work
environment for your writers . . ."

I am the only writer in my organization, but I have been tasked with
planning a January move for the whole group, so I read the book.

Actually, I got it on interlibrary loan and now plan to purchase it.
I gave it to my boss a couple days ago, and yesterday he told me he
was three-quarters of the way through it and wanted to implement some
of the ideas in the book. He was specifically interested in the
discussions about phones and office spaces/groupings.

Some of the ideas don't directly apply to my organization, but that
book was *tailor* written for my husband's software development group.
My husband is also asking his management to read the book. I don't know
if his management will be as receptive as mine, but you never know . . .

Thanks for the valuable info, Stuart! Again, if you are saying to
yourself "The only time I can ever get anything done around here is
early morning or late at night," you should read this book (IMHO, of course).

If you missed the info, here it is again:

De Marco, Tom and Timothy Lister. Peopleware. Dorset House Publishing.
ISBN: 09322633056

Sherrill Fink * Bit by bit, my days dribble away,
sfink -at- relay -dot- nswc -dot- navy -dot- mil * trickling out my modem.
Technical Writer/Editor * --Cliff Stoll
NSWCDD Safety & Environmental Office *

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